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“as I realized”

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Jasmine is a senior high student doing “Vetamorphus” at a local school in Adelaide. After attending a Veta retreat where AccessTheStory ran a story experience, she was asked to give a report in her school newsletter. Here is some of what she said in response to the cross experience:

“… I had the revelation that because of my sin, I had literally been one to take part in putting Him on the cross. In that moment I felt disgusted by all of my sins, and I felt devastatingly sorry to God for everything I had done in my life to put His son on that cross.

“But as I realised the love Jesus had for me was so much bigger than any of my sins, I was put at ease as I let Jesus take my sin away. Letting go of the sins I had held with me for years was an incredible, indescribable feeling”

Jasmine’s story is one of many. Jasmine’s story is one of many that fuels the passion for AccessTheStory.

There are many more stories like this to tell – get along to our launch on the 29th of March to hear more!

rebranding process …

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ats-logo-cmyk-pngHey there!

If you’re seeing this logo around the place, it’s ok, it’s us :)

We’re in the process of rebranding, re-designing our website, and launching AccessTheStory as an organisation – stay tuned!

a new season …

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PastedGraphic-1From March 2014, Travis and Pixi Johnson will be devoting their time to launch the new organisation “AccessTheStory”.

“We’ve seen the life-transformation that God’s story brings, and are convinced that now is the time to focus on engaging a generation in discipleship and bible engagement through the lense of story.”

A recent study commissioned by the Bible Society of Australia reveals that 70% of Australian young people never read the Bible.  In publishing that study, the Bible Society highlighted “IMMERSE” as one of the effective programs to engage the emerging generation in the Bible Story.  IMMERSE is the project that Travis has been working on for the last five years, and it has been so successful that he, with Pixi, has chosen to follow God’s call to further equip people with the principles and practice discovered through the IMMERSE project.

“We are sad to leave Youth Ministries Australia (the youth arm of Campus Crusade for Christ Australia) as we birth “AccessTheStory” but we’re thankful for the good grounding they have given us to further the kind of work we’ve seen happen through IMMERSE.  We hope that our connection with YMA, and partnerships with other people and groups will serve to ‘raise up a story-formed generation who will be released into communities of faith for the mission of God.’”

You can read more of Travis and Pixi’s journey to this point on Trav’s blog.

Big News Unfolding …

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(prayer for AccessTheStory in “junktion” – 8th of January)

We’re currently in the process of our relaunching our website to serve AccessTheStory as a new organisation. Trav and Pix Johnson are transitioning from Youth Ministries Australia, and into launching ATS in order to focus on bible engagement and discipleship through the lense of story.

You will find more info as it unfolds here.

inner silence

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He looked down at his shackle-scarred hands as the water lapped around his knees. The boat sailed toward the horizon.

In the midst of the quiet sounds of the ocean and the wind blowing through the caverns of the coastline, the man found his inner silence deafening.

All the voices had left him – he could not recall a time like this. His mind was clear, and his heart longed for companionship.

The words of Jesus remained with him.

He stood up.

He turned.

He made his way home.

Luke 8:26-39


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She lifted her wind-damaged face from the dust of the wilderness. Tears etched a cleansing path down her weathered cheeks. She’d not cried like this for so long – vulnerability was too much to risk.

But the sound of his voice and the gentle touch of his hand softened her heart to the remote possibility of hope.

And she gathered the courage to turn her head and look up.

Hosea 2:16


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The fact remains, no matter what the tone of how Jesus spoke with his trainees when it was revealed they could not deliver the boy, Jesus was not overwhelmed with the evil.

He could see deliverance on the other side of the oppression. The disciples thought they could see it, but no. The father wished he could see it. The boy was perhaps over the notion of hope.

But Jesus was unperturbed by the hold of evil over a life. He knew it ultimately held no authority.

Luke 9:37-45


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Famished, he staggered into camp, longing for some nourishment after a long and frustrating hunting trip.

Finding the source of the delicious aroma at the ladle of his younger brother, he decided that he would do anything, give anything, for a hearty meal of that stew – and he did.

Genesis 25:27-34


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He leaned forward, and began looking them in the eye – one by one. He knew his next words were unlikely to bring the reassurance they carried.

After humiliating himself as a worthless servant before them, he then spoke of his departure, then of his betrayer, and then of Peter’s impending denial.

‘Uneasy’ was an understatement. None of them were in a hurry to speak, lest he predict something against them. If not for his strange display of servanthood, they would be angry, insulted, perhaps estranged.

So now, Jesus’ words of reassurance had little hope of landing – but he said them anyway.

John 14

approaching the wall

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Joshua got up from where he was kneeling, put his sandals back on and flashed a quick glance of acknowledgement the soldier’s way, but when he looked the mysterious figure had gone.

As he walked back toward his people, a million questions raced to the front of his mind. He remembered when he was faced with these same walls 40 years ago – it was hard to believe the moment had finally arrived.

He ached inside over the fact that Moses was not with him – he never imagined they would cross the Jordan, and enter the promised land without him … Oh, the Jordan … Joshua’s Red Sea experience – but this time the people weren’t running from the enemy, but moving towards the enemy.

Joshua 6:6-20