“as I realized”

// March 14th, 2014 // satisfied


Jasmine is a senior high student doing “Vetamorphus” at a local school in Adelaide. After attending a Veta retreat where AccessTheStory ran a story experience, she was asked to give a report in her school newsletter. Here is some of what she said in response to the cross experience:

“… I had the revelation that because of my sin, I had literally been one to take part in putting Him on the cross. In that moment I felt disgusted by all of my sins, and I felt devastatingly sorry to God for everything I had done in my life to put His son on that cross.

“But as I realised the love Jesus had for me was so much bigger than any of my sins, I was put at ease as I let Jesus take my sin away. Letting go of the sins I had held with me for years was an incredible, indescribable feeling”

Jasmine’s story is one of many. Jasmine’s story is one of many that fuels the passion for AccessTheStory.

There are many more stories like this to tell – get along to our launch on the 29th of March to hear more!

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