Flashing lights, Ho-ho-ho’s, shopping lists, and end of year parties are backing you into the corner you despise.

You’re meant to be leading others into an unhurried headspace for Christmas, but the system of the season so easily takes over.

Somehow, the wait of ADVENT gets lost in the Christmas rush.

We know what its like in churches, or schools, or even around the family meal table – unless we slow down in God’s story, other stories consume our attention, and they rob our joy.

That’s why we’re so glad that The Bible Project have released their Advent Word Series.  At AccessTheStory, we’ve developed a free StoryPack to complement The Bible Project’s four-part series.  Each of our 4 interactive group sessions focus on a theme of the Advent season, and will create moments for your group, class, or family to be still in the Christmas narrative.
(click here to download a sample session)

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There is a better story than the one that’s rushing by.  Our ADVENT StoryPack is designed for you and your group to slow down and interact with the Story of God.


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around the campfire
3 shifts