“Bartimaeus cast aside his beggar’s robe and stepped forward, feeling his way toward Jesus.”

JESUS: What do you want from me?”

Well, it wasn’t money.

Up until now that’s all people expected he was after.

Not this time.

In that moment, when he dared to break from his routine.

When he dared to call out to the travelling teacher and he dismissed the disgust of the crowd around him.

In that moment, when he threw off the cloak that prompted the pity of others, and he staggered toward where he believed Jesus was standing.

Perhaps he desperately clung to Jesus’ clothing; perhaps he felt the touch of Jesus on his shoulder; perhaps he was close enough to hear Jesus draw breath as He asked the question:

“What do you want from me?”

Bartimaeus knew exactly what he wanted.

Mark 10:46-52


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