Beyond This Shore

Fish meant food on the table.

Not just for his family, but for families throughout his village.

Someone counted them – 153 – the wet, sandy net was filled with the promise of a good market-day.

A good market day held the assurance of a smiling wife, security for his family, and standing in his community.

But he walked away.

Have you ever felt the compulsion to walk away from a good market-day? To press pause on the fixation for security and standing, and step into something more meaningful?

Peter felt that.

Jesus called Peter beyond that which was good and into something better – even though it wasn’t clear what the better would look like.

Our new storypack tracks some of Peter’s experience in the transition from resurrection to early church.

You’re invited to journey your community “beyond this shore” with Peter – sign up to our mailing list, and we’ll send this story pack out to you free of charge.

Because Jesus still calls us beyond that which is good, and into something better.


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Beyond This Shore
Reshaping Your Outcomes