Every year  at AccessTheStory, we focus our activity through a particular theme – as we look toward 2019, our word for the year will be:



One of the main reasons for this is because 2019 marks our 5th birthday – and if you speak to any 5 year old, they will make sure there will be some celebrations involved!

When I think of the word CELEBRATE, I’m reminded of my cricketing days in my younger years.  

Whenever my team took a wicket, we would erupt in spontaneous celebration – all of the team members would run to the centre of the ground, slap each other on the back, and two things seemed to happen:

- we would RETELL the story by sharing our perspectives on the win

- the team would return to their positions with a RENEWED enthusiasm for the game.


Our hope for 2019 is that our activity will orbit around opportunities to CELEBRATE – and that this will provide opportunities for a RETELLING of the Gospel Story, and the RENEWAL of the people involved in the work of the kingdom.

Christian communities are faced with a significant challenge in our time-poor and distraction-rich culture.

We seemed to have lost the capacity to slow down, reflect, listen, read and wonder.

Unless we make the hard choices to stop and intentionally do these things, the opportunities to genuinely engage with God though His story – found in the Bible – are lost.

This is why the learning practices of AccessTheStory have proven to be so valuable – where we assist Christian communities in providing genuine opportunities for people to slow down and interact with God’s story.

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