Welcome to Access the Story
Welcome to Access the Story


Since 2008 (even before the organisation was birthed in 2014!) the AccessTheStory team and community have entrusted their financial needs to the care of God through a growing tribe of faith-filled people.

We invite you to be a part of that tribe through:


To fulfil the mission of AccessTheStory, our team members rely on the regular financial support of people like you.  Taking a step of faith in donating to our team will mean you can become part of the story of how God is impacting a generation!



A vital part of our faith story is in the investment we are making “on the margins.”  This means that some of our donor finance is invested in projects that enable those who are disadvantaged to “Access God’s Story”.

AccessTheStory’s current projects are:

YOUNG LIFE ACCESS – providing regular financial support of 10 students in Cebu, Philippines that they might gain access to secondary and tertiary education. (approx $500 a month)

VERGE SPONSORSHIP – we are seeking to cover the costs of 5 young people who would not normally be able to attend our upcoming VERGE experience. (5x $230 = $1150)

Completing  the form below will register you as part of our support tribe – once you hit submit we will send you the details you need to partner with us financially!