Welcome to Access the Story
Welcome to Access the Story


“I’ve heard this story so many times, but today I’ve discovered things that I’ve never thought of before.” (Pastor in Sydney)

“But as I realised the love Jesus had for me was so much bigger than any of my sins, I was put at ease as I let Jesus take my sin away. Letting go of the sins I had held with me for years was an incredible, indescribable feeling” – (High school student after a retreat)

A  STORY EXPERIENCE at your event will give your group of ten or more the opportunity to discover a fresh perspective on a small part of the Bible story.

An AccessTheStory team member can come and facilitate this experience as part (or all!) of the teaching aspect of your event.

 Over the course of the experience, you & your group will :

  • STEP into an episode of the story of God through a large group story-telling session

  • SIT in that episode through an engaging small group time

  • WALK in that episode through a hands on experience

  • SPEAK out your discoveries through a creative time of response

For more information, you can start a conversation here.