Welcome to Access the Story
Welcome to Access the Story


“Step beyond yourself.  Step into God’s story”

Our flagship event is a four day journey through the story of God.

When you bring your group to VERGE, you’re likely to be surprised by the transformation you experience together.  Not because of the effort taken in how the Bible story is told; or because of the quality of the leaders who facilitate this discovery-based process; not even because of the creative experiences that will draw you into the story in a deeper way.

You and your group are likely to be surprised by the transformation you see and experience, because when people choose to take the time to deliberately engage with God’s story – transformation happens.  It’s what God does.

Each day at VERGE, you will :

  • STEP into an episode of the story of God through a large group story-telling session

  • SIT in that episode through an engaging small group time

  • WALK in the episode of the day through a hands on experience

  • SPEAK out your discoveries through a creative time of response

Our next VERGE experiences will be :

JULY 7th-10th 2018 - Perth, Western Australia