Welcome to Access the Story
Welcome to Access the Story
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Becoming a BaseCamp Patron is an invitation into the ongoing story of AccessTheStory – invest in the people who are investing in people! 

A “BaseCamp Patron” is someone who has ‘opted in’ to support the movement of AccessTheStory in word and deed through attending one of our Chairman’s dinners or through financial contribution.

Since its inception in July 2015, our BaseCamp initiative has raised nearly $27,000 in support of:
- high school students in the Philippines

- volunteer youth leaders in Australia, and

- “faith-supported” AccessTheStory workers

Your special gift of $20, $50, $100 or $500, or your regular monthly donation can be made through:



- Click here -
-  Text ‘accessthestory’ to 1991 9000 -
-  or, download the PUSHPAY APP,  find AccessTheStory, and follow the prompts! -
(this is a pretty no-fuss way of giving, check it out for yourself)


Account Name: AccessTheStory ; BSB: 065-155: AccountNo: 1078 4370 : Ref - basecamp


Click here to print off a form and submit to:

AccessTheStory – BaseCamp Sh 4, 930 Marion Rd, Sturt, SA 5047 or support@accessthestory.com


BASE CAMP is an initiative of the AccessTheStory Board that seeks to complement our main finance model of “funding by faith”.

AccessTheStory is excited by the opportunity to see our ATS community join forces and kickstart people into their mission story – this is where BASE CAMP comes in.

Support from BASE CAMP may be made available to new workers, projects or participants following the fulfilment of BASE CAMP parameters and the recommendation of the Director.

BaseCamp funding recipients so far:

- 10 students in Cebu, Philippines, are currently being sponsored for their schooling in 2016 and 2017.

- 5 leaders from WA and Victoria were sponsored to attend AccessTheStory’s Verge event in July 2016. 

- 1 part time worker in WA from February to August 2017