from caution to community

Last weekend, three teenagers from different small towns in regional South Australia gathered for a weekend of spiritual retreat on the Copper Coast, Yorke Peninsula.

I’m sure they thought it was a bit weird playing giant jenga with me as they settled into the lounge room of the house we were staying, but once Pixi served lasagne for dinner, conversation started flowing.  Caution soon gave way to community, and we were ready for whatever the weekend held.

Chloe, Lilli and Ethan had just completed a 3 month journey through God’s story.  After watching a series of short videos, reading selected Bible portions, and connecting regularly with their coaches (who were also at the weekend retreat), the SEQUEL participants had gathered for the culmination of their journey.

After lasagne, one of the coaches set up a series of stations to retell the story they had all experienced over the last 3 months – from Creation to New Creation – and then each person present was able to share something they connected with personally from the story.

Over the two days following we presented sessions on the mission of God (theology and practice), participated in some reflective worship stations, and invited each person to share something of their own story .

The most powerful moment for me was over-hearing one of the participants share with their coaches: “Now I feel like I know what I’m doing in this faith journey – God wants me to be involved in what He’s doing where I am.”

Imagine that – young people in places like Kadina, Loxton and Mount Gambier who are on the lookout for joining God in what He is doing in their schools and communities.

Now, imagine what it would look like to see young people in every regional centre throughout Australia with a perspective like that – it makes me wonder how AccessTheStory might serve the kingdom on a much larger scale.


One thing that God has shown me through SEQUEL is:

“I can use my story to encourage others, including my non-Christian friends. Also that trusting in Jesus brings rest.” – Chloe

“The power of storytelling and the impact it can have on others, great or small, and that God has our story involved in His.” – Ethan

“That you will always be able to find something new, even in an old story that you have heard before.” – Lilly



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