Kate is a teacher in the Adelaide area who has journeyed with us for about 5 years now.

For as long as we’ve known her, she has longed to see her students engaged in the Bible story – but she often laments the challenge of helping students discover with the tools at her disposal.

We received this email from her today:

I did the story of Leah with my Year 9 girls class yesterday. We are looking at self worth, and thriving – not just surviving.

I used the art work (above) as a prompt and gave them time to respond to some questions.

(I then) explained that the art work was inspired by the story of Leah, Rachel and Jacob.

Then I read ‘The girl no one wanted’ from the Jesus Storybook bible and they storyboarded and journaled.

Below are some cool responses from girls who are strong, opinionated, and mostly anti-god – there are 3 girls who admit they are Christians…

“I’m learning that God doesn’t care about your physical features, He sees through that and loves you for you.”

“In light of this story, I think God might be inviting me to be loved by Him – even if I don’t feel like its true.”

“No matter how different or unloved by others, God accepts us and will always love us – He chooses us no matter how much we mess up.”

Thanks for the framework Travis. I loved being able to say … ‘There’s no right or wrong! We’re all different. God shows us different stuff based on what we need to see.’

I haven’t done this approach with this class before, and it’s definitely the most engaged in a God’s story they’ve been all year.

It’s pretty exciting to be a part of Kate’s story as she invests in the next generation through her role as a teacher.

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