“‘ThePath‘ has provided a way for me to articulate verbally and practically my personal ministry philosophy.  It has given me tools that are helpful in seeing God’s story come alive for any person who has a desire to understand God and His plans.”

It’s hard not to smile when Kym walks in the room.

“How ya goin’ mate?”

With a broad Western Australian grin and a manly back-slapping embrace, he effortlessly slips into conversation about family, fishing or cricket.

What really gets this young father of four enthused though, is how God has shaped him over the last few years – and not only him – but the vibrant cohort of youth and young adults he leads.


Kym has been a pastor at his church for near on a decade now, and he remembers like yesterday the culture of disconnection he walked into.  He was  faced with a group of young people who were disengaged – with the church; with the Bible; and with one another.

His heart ached for his community to be transformed in a way he knew only could be accomplished by God.

In 2008, Kym joined seven other youth workers who felt the same way.  Gathering in Sydney they helped facilitate the first ever STORY EXPERIENCE in Australia – where a group of 70 youth and young adults experienced God’s story together.

Kym was thrust into an opportunity of guiding a small group of teenagers through story-telling, small group discussion, walk-through experiences, and group response times.  He was blown away as he saw his group discover who Jesus was – for themselves.

His experience in Sydney completely transformed his own approach to spiritual formation.


Since that time, not only has Kym run a number of these experiences  in his own context, but – with help from the team he has developed around him – he has integrated a story-formed & discovery-based approach to discipleship throughout his entire church community – and the results are speaking for themselves.

When he recently completed ThePath, we asked Kym what things might look like if he never explored AccessTheStory’s approach to ministry:

“After almost 10 years into full-time ministry it’s hard to say whether I would have survived this long if not for a philosophy that  sees people  - both young and old – genuinely engaging in God’s story and mission.”

(Kym Edwards is on the pastoral team at Thornlie Church of Christ in Western Australia, and has recently been approved as an accredited StoryTeller with AccessTheStory)


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