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“And thats the power of God’s Story. It invites us in and provides us with an opportunity to see deeply into our own experience.”

On Saturday 11th March, Jess Bracegirdle and Matt Fricker had the opportunity to facilitate a story experience with 43 students and 7 leaders on the WA VETAMORPHUS retreat at Camp Cooloongup.


We tested out the newly developed SEPARATION Story-pack, which invited participants to explore the Biblical story of how sin entered the human experience. After a brief introduction that set the scene for the story, the students moved off in small groups to begin their journey of discovery through five scenes. The great thing about Story-packs, is that they allow each group / individual to move along at their own pace.

In the first scene, we discovered the beauty and complexity of God’s creative work. One student commented, “It was great to take the time to be reminded of how amazing our planet really is.”

In the second scene, we considered the consequences that came as a result of eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. During the large group discussion time, the question was asked, “Why were Adam and Eve afraid of God? If they had only known Him as their creator, friend and companion, what was it about their actions that caused them to fear Him?”


The third scene explored the story of Cain and Abel. It was a good reminder about the relationships we have and how we might see forgiveness and restoration take place.

In the fourth scene, the story of the flood invited us to reflect on how our own rebellion against God has consequences. But it also offered a glimmer of hope, as we saw God reaching out to humanity to save them.

The fifth and final scene was called TOWER, and it told the story of how the people who populated the earth after the flood became self focused.

“Let’s go build ourselves a city with a tower that reaches into heaven. That way we will make a name for ourselves…”


As we discussed what we had discovered, a number of students were able to identify how this story experience had challenged them to think more seriously about what it meant to live as a follower of Jesus in their respective contexts. A number of students were also challenged by the ‘towers” they were building in their lives.

And thats the power of God’s Story. It invites us in and provides us with an opportunity to see deeply into our own experience. As we explore these stories, we discover a portal into a greater understanding of ourselves, one another, our world and our Creator.


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