“surely God is here at VERGE”

John is an accomplished and acclaimed artist and musician throughout his home country of the Philippines.

But drugs destroyed so much of his life.

After some time in recovery at “House of Hope”, he now serves other recovering drug addicts through his story.

John recently attended VERGE here in Adelaide and was refreshed in his own journey with God:

“My experience of God has changed in that I was confronted by God’s story in new ways I haven’t realised before.  Surely God is here at VERGE.”

John has now returned to his home and is about to do our online course “ThePath” to equip him in the our ministry practices at House  of Hope.’

Check out John’s re-telling of the Christmas story …

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Here’s what some others had to say about VERGE SA 2017:

“My experience of God has changed through a new approach on studying/reading God’s word.  A new point of view on His word.” – Carl, Cebu, Philippines.

“God is saying to me that my story matters in God’s story.  It’s ok to be vulnerable and open (from the smallest to the biggest details of my life.)  I don’t need others approval because I am already approved by God.” – Ara, Cebu, Philippines

“My perspective on sharing God’s story has changed because I’ve been reminded on how I should see others, especially the ones that are hard to love, and that I should try as much as possible to see them how God sees them.” – Shadel, Cebu, Philippines.

“God is telling me that Story is worth telling, mine – His.  Vulnerability isn’t to be shied away from – but faced.  His story requires my story/brokenness to surface and be faced.” – Jacinta, Adelaide.

“God is saying to me to implement this VERGE camp to our church.  Next year we plan to have a VERGE camp for youth and young adults.” – Homer, Cebu, Philippines.


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