3 shifts

Our Director, Trav Johnson’s main talk this year is titled:

“3 shifts helping us reach a generation.”

You can check out his notes on the talk at

If you’re not up for a 5 or 6 minute read, here’s some grabs from the post:


The shift in MINDSET is one where we shift from “Taking Jesus to …” to “Joining Jesus there”.

I wonder how much of a colonial (even crusade) mentality shapes our approach to mission.  Failing to see the people along the path of our triumphant conquests – we rush through with our untested assumptions and pre-packaged programs, and we march headlong into our campaigns and building programs without stopping to notice where God is going before us, where He is already at work.


The shift in METHOD is one where we shift from “clever answers” to “intentional questions”.

I wonder whether while apologetics may have their place, we get so busy defending the faith, that we neglect the offensive work of the Holy Spirit in the space of good questions.


The shift in MESSAGE is one where we shift from “salvation formulas” to “the gospel story”.

AccessTheStory is founded on the belief that the church’s understanding and proclamation of the gospel needs to change if we have any hope of engaging the next generation.


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